The Legacy of Foundations of Algorithms

Foundations of Algorithms was designed in 2012, principally by Alistair Moffat, but over the years has featured contributions from numerous academics and tutors.

Over the years, students so enthused by the fun of algorithms (and the teaching of Alistair Moffat) created fan sites dedicated to the legacy of the subject.

While the domains have since lapsed, the students graduated off to greener pastures, and some of the assets cast into oblivion, we are glad to host these fond memories.

In Memoriam.

Algorithms Are Life was a website registered by a former student under the name "Jim Beam".

It hosted a soundboard of audio clips taken from Alistair Moffat's lectures.

Algorithms Are Fun was a website designed by former student Max Lee.

It features quotes and a tribute to Alistair Moffat.